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 Visual artist


In my grandparents' wood "Chamroux", the land is divided into several parts. The first is a field which is not used for much except to the season of mushroom hunting. The second and largest part is a wood with ferns, oaks and pine trees of our first Christmases. This is also where we built the hut that will shelter us during the night of December 25th. The third and smallest part is a garden where some fruit trees are planted. If before the forest seemed much more imposing to me, it is soon more than an island of greenery that remains from the arboricultural exploitation of the surrounding land."

This installation is a retranscription of a family experience, the sound of the recording of the night is broadcasted in the hut reassembled within the exhibition space, free to the viewer to enter the hut.




48°24’38.5»N 0°01’54.9»E

Sound and sculptural installation Branches, dry ferns, blankets, speaker, animal sounds and human snoring


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