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 Visual artist


This project is the result of a collaboration with the Pyrenees National Park. The "Pont d'Espagne" site, located in the "heart zone" of the park witch is governed by numerous rules aimed at protecting animal and plant species. In proposing this ceramic installation, Maëlle Royet and I wanted to play with one of these rules: the fact that plant can't be imported into this protected area, as it could threaten the natural diversity of the place. With the ceramic medium, the installation is composed of a hundred of false plants inspired by lichens, mushrooms and flowers. They invade and disrupt this fragile environment for the duration of a circus festival.


42°51’08.7»N 0°08’47.5»W

Ceramic installation in situ at the Pont d'Espagne
in collaboration with Maëlle Royet, stoneware, enamel, engobes



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